Swim review: Hunucma cenotes

One of the best ways to swim that I’ve come across! These are the cenotes on the former sisal plantation in Hunucmá, Yucatán state. It’s close to Acanceh, about an hour east from Mérida. Around there you can just cruise along the road and you’ll see people with colourful placards advertising cenote visits, also good, but Hunucma is excellent. The people living near the former sisal plantation there have taken over the place as a community tourism enterprise. They use the horse-drawn sisal “trolleys” on a narrow “railway” as cheery transport to the three cenotes in the bush.

We arrived relatively early one Saturday and were short on time, so we asked to go straight to the best cenote.That cenote is deep and round and has ropes of tree roots and shafts of sunlight coming down from above… Magical!

As we were leaving more and more people were arriving, so I’d suggest: go early or go on a weekday. Cheerfully pay the entrance fee. You can rent snorkels and lifevests if you like.

Continuing on the same road you can get to another very similar ex-sisal narrow-gauge community-tourism cenote centre (I forget what it’s called) but to be honest it’s not as good.

Here are the photos!


The town of Acanceh has a pyramid right next to the plaza, and a decent restaurant on the corner.


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