Ropakanta: life is weirder than imagination

On Ropakanta you’ll find posts about interesting phenomena I’ve come across in Bangladesh, Cyprus, Tanzania, Oxford, Mexico, in books, anecdotes and home – Finland. I’m a sustainability-conscious consumer, feminist and progressive, and since the world seems to be against my kind, there are some rants.

Most of the posts are from places where I’ve lived or worked, and so the vignettes are not so much about travel as about weird shit. Watching a young Bangladeshi transvestite playfully threaten to steal the rum. Hearing Tanzanians lament the lack of a hoe on the bus, for digging away the hillside so the traffic can pass the turned-over fuel truck. Reporting the furious reactions of Mexican shopkeepers when I try to get change for 200 pesos. Political ugliness! Street food! Open-air swimming! Notable friends and relatives! “Calcha”!


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